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Monday night... dark and cold...
Boo's in the living room working on her pin projekt, got some new chisels today, plus some gloves to protect her.

We sure do love Good Eats - I think everyone should watch and love!

Knowing doom is on the way doesn't make the looming head cold I'm getting feel any better - perhaps a beer with pizza, or theraflu will work just fine!

MickeyMatt is a stud. Just saying... like, if he wanted to go to Maryville to Lenoir City, well, he could run there if he wanted to. And still have a few miles left in him. 26.2 - dude, you're amazing.

Mel thru a great show yesterday - rainy and in the 50s with a steady breeze - but not ONE hypothermic incident, that we know of! Woot!

Gonna get thru some pics and try to post them soon - perhaps not tonight, but I had a great time listening to the music ... I forget just how damn cool the Dickens and the Kings are live - love their discs, but really, live make it work. Also enjoyed Paleface and Anjelou - neither I'd heard before.

Ok. Think I'll go and tell Boo how wonderful she is, pet Blue and get that beer.


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"