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Beware the ides of April...
huh. Talk about good and bad.
We all know the taxes thing - just got done doing annual report filing for Nerd Fury, extension filing for Nerd Fury state & fed, Boo & I JOINT filing extension state, state & fed (we did live in Cali for a tad in '07), um ... damn. forgot to file for Blue! wait ...

so, had my first day out at UNC - weee ... think it's gonna be a grand ol' time, what with Morgan and Mel being there too, and the new peeps I met seeming to be fabulous - Yay.
Also had a good citizen gold star for helping out Angie by babysitting her refrigerator until the repairman showed - tried to help out, what can I say.

Then... damn it. Got rear-ended on my way home from UNC. Shit. I'm fine. Brian and April and their two kids are fine. Ramona needs a tush reconstruction, but she was drivable. Brian's volvo isn't gonna need the transmission overhaul after all...

I think, as I sit her with blue's head on my lap, she's all nice and toasty and loving and good - I got the taxes in, I got a beer I can finish, and all we can do is take tomorrow as it comes - let's have healthy thoughts for boo (down with a head cold - all snot-o-matic!), happy thoughts for our friends and families, and we'll make it just fine.

Boo rolled into town a year ago today - rainy, but happy. it's too bad she's feeling under the weather - we'd have had a celebration of sorts.
Guess we'll have to wait until this weekend, when Nate and Carrie come rollin' into town!!! yay!


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"