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Friday night ... thoughts from the trailing edge of a cold
Lis and I spoke at length today at the office. Politics, hope, middle-east peace challenges, and man-dates!

//Dave Dobbyn - Slice Of Heaven//
Signed up yesterday for a trip to paris - didn't get it, and this morning realized that WUNC is the KCRW of my Durham existence, and though not a bad thing at all, as I rolled in from my Quizno's (TOASTY!!!) dash, I finally found the Revolution, 88.1 WXDU - they played 'And She Danced' by the Hooters, the guest they were allowing to pick songs saying probably the first and only time that would ever happen on the "Revolution" - great song, really. Fit my mood nicely...
NPR stations that are located at campus aren't really college stations. There is a difference, and so it will always be. Still, would have like to have called Boo to say "Hon, get your passport together - we're going to Patriot Land!!!"

//Kimya Dawson - Viva La Persistence Radio Edit//
Will Carrie work on an animation project on behalf of the girl who loves you? We can only hope Mel convinces her...
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