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so good having family...
even better when they can deal with a slightly warm day in the south!

91 degrees as I type this... weeeeeee....

Blood's enjoyed the heat, some pizza at the Palace (thanks Mel for the G&T!), some BBQ at the Shack, and we're off to find some music.

Shari, David and Justin are off to hang with Wendy (Boo and Blood and I go in the AM) ... they got to have a meal at Tyler's at American Tobacco Campus - they kinda dug it! Also made it from Upstate to D'Town in 13 hours, including rolling through the beltway in DC and 2 food stops of some length! I'm such a slacker!

Off to chill ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ...


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

Was it over 90 in Vegas?
I should go ask my wife if she recalls ...

love ya boo!