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and a happy Thursday nit to YOU!
James Brown. Wow.

So I keep trying to tell stories, say to Shari, and I'm all like "didn't I post that on my LJ?" ... and I haven't. Like how all's well that ends well, and the pup-who-was-almost-ours turns out to be extra good. From an hour or two on the edge of puppyship, to the good news that said pup has a new home, followed a week later by a puppy-walk-by at the Eno Festival. Said puppy had been spotted and looked a little like the one pup, but as we enjoyed the shade at the Eno Park, a couple of pups happened by and I wasn't sure. Suspect, yes but not sure.

Of course there's more below the cut!
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look - something on my desk...
it says "Swedish Geek - Morrissey tribute band doing AC/DC covers"

just an idea ...