July 28th, 2008

On aging ...

I turned 18 during the first week of my Air Force 'career'. I turned 20 at Hahn Air Base -
1988 - Hahn AB
- having served my first of 3 years overseas.

MickeyMatt - (here in an undated picture from 1983)
Me, Matt & Chris - 1983
- had a great cookie for my 2???th birthday, and my 30th almost included an incinerated birthday cake, due to Wolfie's newness and Forrest's being a poor shepherd of my participation of the event. If only we had had cell phones then ...

I turned 40 this past week. Actually, the date change happened as I was enjoying 'The Dark Knight' with friends, and continued through a leisurely day off, with hats and coffee and a surprise cookout with more of my friends. Fabulous gifts presented by my peeps wearing black. Nice touch, really.

So many things have visited my brain pan recently - like how to deal with people not believing that I'm 40 - good, but really? Why would they not suspect I'm old? Huh ... all good, I guess.

Oh - here I am in 81 -
Blood & I on family vacation 1981 -that makes me ... young.

For all's enjoyment ...


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
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