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oh, the hits keep on coming...
haven't felt great these past few days - bit o' the migraine, perhaps. never fun.

so, when I finally awake, and it's too late in the day, I scan photos.

Perhaps I should think before I scan,eh??


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

scott on skyline drive circa 1991
During our first war in Iraq, I was hangin' in the Bay area. This is up on skyline drive, prob 1991.

fun hair scotty
I honestly don't know - I'm gonna go with Spring 1990 - out of the Air Force, no shaving for this bum, and hangin' at 1 Trinity. Could be wrong, though.

scott and carol 1976 moseley street
1976, presumably before Blood and I went out to a Barabazon shoot ... oh- hey - Moseley street yellow!

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