August 3rd, 2008

John Darnielle is a god... so I must be near heaven!

So, we have this cool space called Bull City Headquarters - BCHQ for short.
They held a benefit today - The Eye Opener: A Celebration of Trans-Continental Awareness - to raise awareness and funds, as they say... "The goal of this project is to create trans-gender awareness, working across continents with the Hijra population in India."
Kyle, Bowzer & Phil!

Looking towards the back of the space!

So it was a big day, and the 'crew' showed up at 10'sh to help set up for the day. Yay! I made my escape -
CIMG0781 -
over near our Farmer's Market was an airstream doing cafe duty!

I puttered about the house until Boo called me to meet them at the Palace ... oops - Mel's off tonight - let's do something fun. How about a baseball game? Team USA vs. Team Canada as warm ups for the Olympics. yes - those Olympics. In China. Whoa....

the ball game, the ball park & an amazing sunset!

MnMnZ at the game!

catching the Canadian pitcher warming up.

Then when the game was over, Fireworks!!! Yay!!!

Then to the house, where Boo fell asleep cause she headed out to CaryTown to check up on Meg, then a quick dip in the pool, and she (and Mel and Michelle and Z) was all tuckered out, but we still ended up at the Bull's Stadium. Oh, and we hit Cosmic on the way home - yay!!!

So, back to John being a god. The day at BCHQ was filled with good music. John's time slot was 12:30am!
John Darnielle plays The Eye Opener
And he played. He played and sang to fill the universe ... and the small crowd loved it. And he knew it.

So. Yay. Damn ... it really hit me today that I'm very very lucky to be here, to be here now. So to alls who helped - thanks. and to boo, hand in unlovable hand, our life is awesome!

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Ghosts ... pleased to meet them

So, I wonder, what am I doing? Posting ancient pics of me - kinda self-focused, eh Wallace?

But ... why not? There's nothing wrong with the fact that I, in the past, have faced style issues that triumphed over my better judgment. Or facial hair choices that in retrospect were wrong. just plain wrong. No one was hurt by these actions of mine. As far as I know.

Plus, ma likes them. and Boo has a good laugh, as do my other friends. So, continue your amusement/enjoyment. Huzzah!

Here's blood with long hair!
the holidays of 1988 treated us all well - we were heading into a NEW decade!

A brooding scott ... with amigos!
Kimmy H. up top, Mr. Bailey to the right. Weeee... no idea where we were - Sylvan lake?

Not quite a year old...
Dig the snail on my vest!

Sing scott sing...
Somewhere up there is me.

You have to turn 3 to get to 40 ...
Love that the cake has 6 candles!!! my life of sharing...

Now, I recall this rocker - no idea who has it now...
One thing I dig from this adventure is the interiors of places I've been, but don't recall. Where are we? April '69 was probably Ithaca!

June 1970
Guess the neighbors had a Nova! Blood looks happy...

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