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Sometimes, after a bit, things aren't good, but ok...
Today is a dreary, wet and cool fall day in upstate.
not motivated to due much, and have chilled at 1 Trinity for the whole day. Saw Matt this morn, dropping off Blood who took shelter at the Humphreys, what with Boo making it in after a long drive yesterday (Friday). Yay for boo being here!

Of course, left alone and not eager to distract myself with productive things (dishes?), I pondered some sad songs Blood sent me a year ago. Cause a year ago I was sad. Really sad. We miss you canela, I hope you know that.

So I set to composing, and that didn't actually help much, so now I'm listening to a fine selection of both appropriate and inappropriate music and thinking thoughts that make me feel good.

Thoughts like last year was tough, real tough. But perhaps I'm stronger and better able to deal with this period of my life. I think about how Justin has become a stunning young man, with a future as bright as anyones. How family and friends will surprise you at the best moment and leave you smiling, no matter how sad you may be.

I think about how thankful I am, and how blessed I am.

How we'll get through this too.
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