December 15th, 2008

and on mondays, we ponder the weekend...

the pizza party with 8 year olds on friday ... followed by more pizza at the 'Shroom! (!) for dinner...
the day at the museum on Saturday, followed by chinese takeout and Wii Rock Band until it's really too late, but way too fun
the day off visiting family, a totally different sense of 'everything is ok', and short but long enough drives through the countryside.
the chat with the left coast peep, who's enjoying her dog sitting daze, preparing to embark on a journey.

I'm sure the upcoming turning of the tide against darkness will bring even more such fun things...

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1998 - wow - that was a great year. Turned 30 in July, nearly burned a cake to ashes.

I worked at Merrill Lynch in Pasadena until a 'market correction' in October placed me in the 'laid off' category. I believe I ended up at MacTemps/Aquent then, following Alicia there ....
did I get my first gig at Roll, Int'l, fine pervayor of collectible plates, that year?

Trying to think if Boo and I had any wild adventures - possibly hanging with Adam & Jess in San Diego for the holidays - I recall an illuminated naval ship - wait - what does LJ tell me ... nada.

1998 was my first year in Los Angeles. I experienced the joy of bicycling about Pasadena, went to see a number of test screenings of movies (a kurt russell flick Soldier is one I know ended up released), had my bike stolen from the parking area of Merril Lynch, moved to Arcadia with Boo. Did Blood and Bob swing thru on a visit in 98? or was it 99?

10 years on ... hasn't everything changed? As it is wont to do.


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
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