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and so it's a sunday evening...
boo is recuperating from an enjoyable (or over-enjoyable) evening of drinks served in pyrex. Wonderful world-class guitar hero rocking out. Nate's celebration of emerging adulthood. A bbq joint that made the vegetarian/vegan happy. and football on a sunday afternoon - sorry jets, not sure on the steelers yet - but it looked cold.

here's a blast from the past:
Chilly at Bun Boy

so I take photos. pictures. snapshots. I know that. everyone knows that.

but there might just be a reason, cause with this I recall a few things. how both this trip and the next trip boo and I rolled through epic rain storms heading back into LA. How I t hink bun boy has changed it's name, and frankly, that's wrong. How it was years and lifetimes ago (or so it seems).

I'll be probably finding a few gems along the way as I try my hand at archiving via photo discs my assorted collection of images. weeeeee.... hope for me. please.

here -
Arches Nat'l Park

Part one of scott's taking good photos lesson - step one - find something that can not actually be photographed badly. take picture. bask in the glow of success!

enjoy your sunday. stay warm. be happy that it's all going well in '09. wow. 8 years later.

~ S ~

||| dona nobis pacem</br>||| "Keep Calm and Carry On"

um, from my sister...
she offered it as a chortle to end my week.