January 28th, 2009

oh the things I should write about...

ever get into a place where the mind is in overdrive for the briefest periods of time? like 5 minutes - in the shower... weeeee!!!! and then you spend the next 18 hours doing the 'life' thing - work, fun with friends, etc. But in the quiet before you head to sleep you remember - wait - I had a great idea/thought train/revelation?...

so, went to see Gran Torino tonight - 'what do you know about life and death?' - great quesiton... thought clint was believable as a cranky old guy. white devil he is called.

saw burn after reading, liked it though as always it had its quirks ... cost me 5 bucks via PPV; afterwards on Sundance I caught most of Day Night Day Night and I laughed - a few million on Clooney, Pitt, McDormand, Malkovich - to be upstaged by nobodies in an indie flick where I get left wondering - holy shit, how crazy is that?

And then Torino, pushing my thoughts in another direction.

Blue has been increadibly cute these past few weeks - don't know why, but just super cute.

We had some snow - and then Obama was sworn in - Twice!!!

Raymond turned 30, as did Nate. Rock Band, or Guitar hero world tour 'gigs' over at Carrie & Nate's!

A friend who's surly sad, and we're sad for her too...

Work continues to impress me - ask yourself, would you say you're overly concientious?

an update of sorts, eh? Well, I have about 15 quarterTurns started - it's just that my memory is for shit. Damn it.

A taste of what's happening here about the Hobbit House. Hope we're all feeling a bit better now. Just have to keep looking up, eh?

~ S ~

||| dona nobis pacem</br>||| "Keep Calm and Carry On"

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