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mornings like this...
with the wayback machine cranked to 11!

I'm having a good morning - loving the fact that the sun is up (note to self - enjoy February/March here in the Carolinas), the bathroom is flooded in nice hopeful light, and the local college station decides to end the 7 o'clock hour with ...
No New Tales to Tell from
Love & Rockets

Ain't that the truth ... 1987 was the release date, I suspect I picked it up shortly after that - got a snappy from that era -
you can see up his nose

Shall I take it that listening to college radio always is a good thing? Will I find another Social D by listening? (does knowing the Future Kings and the Dickens rock before you hear them on the stations count?) Well, in Germany, we didn't have no college stations, I was just picking up cool looking album covers.

Well, I'm pleased to have bopped back to that point in my life - look at my ears!!! or up my nose...


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"