March 26th, 2009


March, 2005 - Oregon is lovely - with crater lake on it's quarter back.
Let's see if I can guess at spring 2005 …

Pretty flowers, disney group work including the marketing our lives ppt, and the ledge of that building down the road from us cracking and looking like DOOM!!!

Ah, life in Hollywood, my friends!


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    that my friends is the sound of procrastination!!

so, what I've been looking for ...

showed up the other day on our doorstop.

So, for the past few years - since I saw the sexyness that is apple's iPods, I wanted a color screen with visualizations - the trippy screen saver kinda thing that worked with the music. Of course iTunes offers it, as do most any decent music player on your computer - MusicMatch and the like.

I also wanted a dvd player that would take the mp3 discs you could burn and play on the dvd player, and give some visuals also - you're using the dvd player, kinda presumptive to have something visual output as well as the audio - but no... still don't think there's a DVD player that does visuals.

But lo and behold - Sony, the fabulous mind behind Beta, MiniDiscs, and finally Blu-ray, offers a very nice gadget to make scotty happy - a PS3.

Nate and Carrie have one, and frankly, it's what makes me realize I need to be a HD living room kinda guy in the next year - I'll settle for my very good 720, but their 1080 across a 50 inch screen, pushed via the blu-ray dvd in the PS3 ... nice.

Back to my happiness though - see this pic -
It ain't a pretty pic, due to light levels, but I'm listening to the mountain goats, and trippin' nicely to some rocking visuals - something about the PS3 being a stunning game machine, pehaps??

Well, it's nice to know that there are items I concieve that actually merit creation!

back to your normals web browsing ...
unless you need to see this -
a cute doggie picture

be good to yourselves...

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"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"

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    the sound of a virus scan on Magnolia and the ps3 restarting!