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It's right to remember the beginning of a period of joy, right?
This weekend went past and I now feel I should have at least pursued a cupcake with celebratory intent. Blood offers an alternate take - too much publicness, and though I understand and also feel that way, had I taken a smidge of action, or a smidge more of action, perhaps I'd feel ... different.

Call - "I feel ... you're an asshole!"

So today comes along, and my trusty calendar informs me that we are on the same date as in 2006 when Boo & I adopted Canela.
Canela in the living room

Ah, the joy and happiness of that day ... until we rolled thru the front door and said to Blue - "Hey blue, look who we brought home!" ... ah, being young and foolish. Those were the days.

So, I remember that day, way back when. I remember Mom and her dislike for extravagant celebrations of her birthday. I remember planning on hopping out of the trunk of her Saturn. I vividly recall Canela at the LA Animal Shelter as we walked to the Jetta to get in - her walking in the grass patch and sniffing all about. How did we get her into the Jetta without getting nipped?? hmmm ...

So remembrance. I spend an inordinate amount of time in the past, but then again, how much time can I spend in the future? All my expectations have been missed - where's my flying car??

Ok. Just a note from the desk of a man who's still loving those who've gone on. Missing those who aren't with me anymore, but at least on a sunny day in June, I'm ok with all that.

Hope you are too.


~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem ||

"Keep Calm and Carry On" or "Keep Calm ... and Cupcakes!"