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26 Jun, 1987 ... a stranger in a strange land
Scott becomes an international man of mystery.
Or maybe I just arrived at Hahn AB. which would have looked something like this:
2007 Hahn Airbase
except they didn't fly me into Hahn. Flew into Frankfurt. Something about Hahn being a military base kept most of the commuter flights away.

Pretty sure it was, like today, a Friday. Took an impressive bus ride from Frankfurt to Hahn; I remember the coach bus making impossible turns through small towns along the way - German countryside into a lengthening day. Got to Hahn late in the day - maybe 4:30'sh, no one was around much, got a room assignment (Matt I think was his name - he'd go on to have a Kawi EX500 and some kick ass leathers - wonder how he like riding at the Ring...). Started my 'no one knows me, I know no one' with gusto, stayed up as late as I could (that was the advice), I even remember a drive by Metro Tango - lights all yellowy/orange through the trees - little did I know I'd spend the next three years having a hell of a life.

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