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Welcome to the tortured soul cafe ...
Our weekend special is "Coulda Done More" muffins, with a side of "Sittin' Too Long" hash browns, all alongside our hand made loaded "Self Loathing" French toast - you'll love it!!!

So what the hell - I've done good at climbing out of bed yesterday and today, and I am moving forward in my cleaning up our den area a bit ... but why have I sat in front of my 'glowing rectangles' all freaking day long? I had fun being out with Beth last night - Chubby's on 9th before catching 'The Informant' over at Northgate ... but wow - walking blue for 20 mins? not yesterday. Heading out to points unknown to see new shit? 'save money on gas scott' ... stupid inside voice. At least I picked up a few groceries, but really - that's not productive. Jason across the way is building an awesome fence for his place... I keep thinking I should paint our fence... damn.

Let me say this emphatically - I love music. My success at pulling all our discs into a centralized library is at least showing me what I have laying about - how about a Tenacious D disc I didn't realize we had? Right this second is Social D's self titled disc, circa 1990 - however it's importance to me is locking me into 1993(?) at MickeyMatt's Cabin retreat in the woods next to the river - holy shit was it eye opening to hear 'Cold Feelings' and realize there was this angry but ok with it all music ... Social, Henry Rollins, can't recall who else I ended up with from that time. Totally cool to think how music paints a time or place or person for ya...

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