October 9th, 2009

When do you remember the beginning?

Went to see our friend 'The Jimmy' at UNC's Playmaker Rep theater last night - the show was 'Opus' - a story about relationships and music. Or as the New York Times reviewed it "Sex, Drugs, and Chamber Music."

I spent the fleeting moments recalling my own brief fling with the stand up bass, attempting to help out Mr. Cleveland and Tim R. - sure I did more harm than good. Or the passions that existed in our very own stringed walled garden... ah, youths and bus rides.

What I liked the most about the show was how I had the chance to notice the subtleties - during the performance, the characters had a moment where they described what they saw/felt/heard as they music played; the description dialogged on how one violin starts, then the other coddles up to the first, with the viola and cello joining the passion making ... as performed, the dialog had the music alongside - so you could have the description and the example - so I was able to notice. Able to see and hear orchestral music in a new light -

Noticing. Seeing. Hmmm ...

Imagine my surprise/un-surprise of the TED blog having this for me this morning:

Are you certain? Just how certain are you?
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