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are you ready for this?
really? REALLY?
how can you be ready ...

let's start with a softball underhand pitch ...

two words - Palmer- tini!

oh yeah, anyone should be able to knock that out of the park, supporting the possible 14th newtonia rule of thermodynamics - vodka helps most anything be better.

sure you're ready ...


oh yeah, today is gonna be the roller coaster from heck!!!
how about this small nugget of truth (not poetry) -
blood is wonderful, and has, as it should be, fabulous friends. I blame her spirit, but it could just be her heart.

(really - ready? you're better than me, I'd propose...)

words - what's so hard about words?
"do they speak English in what? say what ONE MORE TIME..."

are they good enough? are they perfect? I feel lighter, even with my doubts, but I'm sure I'll question my ability over this task and myriad others accomplished in my time...

Just in case, I like the saying "all who wander are not lost" ... just saying.

Love is another really good word. Mom is another good word. sphygmomanometer is just a really hard word.