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sunshine thru the trees, cold shadows on dying leaves...
at 9:29 on a saturday morning ... looking out my window in my dining room, feeling the chilly outdoor air curl around my toes as I walk back from letting Blue run out on the back deck, things seem pretty damn ok. Good even.
Poking my head in on my love, her snifflies making me want to be able to create a tea that cleans and refreshes the sini, I'm happy.
The sun's warm glow bounces off the wood floors, filling the front room with light, creating a bright cocoon in the dining room where I peck at the keyboard trying to capture a feeling - oh the crazy paths we weave.
warm, bright, happy, content, loved.
all very good words, very good place to be.
How do I remember this, how do I recall this when I wander down a darkened, angrier path? How do you keep the sun in your heart? Why does the sun make the lifting seem effortless? Why are they called 'peeps'?
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Oh wow...
so I got my Google Wave invite from Alicia via Pinguino - weeeee....