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great songs ... sometimes even better
I'm lucky to be able to stream music from the internet here at work - not only from shared iTunes libraries, but the random radio stations too.
Just listened to a lovely (?) rendition of Sorrow by Bad Religion, done acoustically.

I think the song means we could have a better world, if only we... changed everything.

So as I watch (and time lapse) a lovely sunset filled with flat clouds drifting off to be over Chapel Hill, and cool acoustic music plays (cause I'm reaffirming that music is important to me), I hope I can add just a little to a better future for all. Not sure how I'll do that today, but the music fills me with hope, makes me think that yeah, it's in the realm of possibility.

Didn't I add to a better future by being at Metro Tango for three years? Lis asks about a picture up on my office wall - 'what's it mean?' - well, the knight on the chess table means intelligence and tactics; the no smoking sign means you can't smoke there (changes from last I saw that door); the Pegasus over a globe refers to our ability to be everywhere quickly; the lightning bolt refers to the speed that we posses - "near-real time processing" I recall us saying. Nice symbology, wish I had the official story - perhaps a letter to the Air Force, what do you think?

A better future may have been had through my efforts there. Can not confirm nor deny at this point.
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