March 7th, 2010

ah, the first strong efforts of springtime...

just in time to prove I didn't get my 'winter' stuff done. damn!
really - not to bad.
We got out and went for a walk with Carrie - there's some highway construction going on in her neck of the woods, and apparently a popular walking trail is being closed. She's a bit of an enthusiast with the walks, but it certainly was enjoyable.
From Spring Livin'

We also got in time with Morgan and Beth and friends - was going to be a bonfire night, but wow - still a bit chilly; it was the first grilling of the season!

so yeah, we're enjoying the light in the mornings, the promise of less snow (or wintery mix, as they call it) - I hope I can get the poison ivy to stay away for the season, and ... Blue smells better (got a bath last week!)

Thought I'd update things here... you know. Because I care!

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