May 3rd, 2010

what is it about cowboys?

more importantly, what is it about the intertubes and time travel?

I start with Beth's request for some Rush tracks - start looking at pulling videos from YouTube of said awesomeness (including some winter safety tips!)

'hey, what other bands might have vids up here?' I ponder. Which got me to Life in a Northern Town, which took me to Havana 3 a.m.; and finally - fall, 1986, spending time in Monterey riding around and listening to tunes like this one -
The Unforgiven.

wow - who would have guessed they actually existed? I knew I presumed I was dreaming...

now to hunt down Trio and Stress!
Oh Trio was somewhat easy - yay!!!
Stress - we'll see -

so here's to finding bits and pieces of our youth floating about the intertubes...

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