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Back in the saddle again...

I thought I'd just write about the smile and happiness I'm having right now... haven't gone far - less than 20 miles, and I'm renewed... what is it about the two-wheeled life? I pondered many many hours as I rode up and down the mid-Atlantic states - good times, good people - some tales to tell.

I want to head up to the hills - but that would be ignoring a few minor details. but I want to go... it's calling me. Baby steps, I remind myself. Too long for me to be sitting on the side of the road, watching.

I want to go bike camping. I wanted to go up to the bay area via the central valley along some great beautiful roads I road once in a life long ago. I want to be on the PCH when the sun sets... heading north for the fun of it.

And I will do these things. First things first, right?

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