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BITSA... ride summary #1

a good day.
headed up to the Crest mid morning... Radian ran well.

Up on 2 - nice turnout
I'm sure I've got pics from earlier this year of the Jetta parked here - no snow on the far mountains, but a great day to be riding...

Lunch at Newcomb's
Stopped in at Newcomb's to lunch - they've finished a decent remodel - there was chatter about the lack of the crowds that used to be there... mid week has always been my escape

Lynx Gulch - a slight detour
Down '9 mile', I creep a little bit off road - the Amigo has been here before... miss that truck.

hidden smile
Found a note in my vast collection of notes, about one downside of being a moto-person. Can't hang your graduation tassles off the rearviews. That, and no one can see you smile!

introducing Pepper
Meet Pepper - Yin's new pooch. Very happy to be with good people, and has puppy teeth. And blue didn't eat her - yet!

Good day. Good ride. Glad to get back in the saddle again, and it was a treat to have a great time up in the hills.

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