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Friday the 13th

Succeeded in putting together my sis' Gallery of pics from her summer trip.

Shall now go to work on my own!

Ever feel on the edge of doing something big? I feel it - just can't see it yet... hopefully it'll be amazing.

Feel completely settled in now- just in time for weather to show up - though I suspect I just may stand out in the rain and raise my hands to the heavens while I shout - come on - it's not 5 degrees out - I won't get hypothermia. Of course I picked up my snowy boots and realized they'll be sitting in the living room for a while.

Ok. Wanted to post to keep up my writing. Also to note successes. And thirdly - it's Friday the 13th - how cool is that!


7:15pm - just noted the cool full moon hanging about the neighborhood sky - fri 13 + full moon = ?
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