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We call this an Up-date...
because Down-date makes no sense at all!!!

From Tuesday, 14March06 about 1:23pm -

Please Shut Up, Hatemongers
A "vile" attack on gay and lesbian families has Jon Carroll seething, then answering back

A look at Scott's week - March 19-March 26:
Santa Monica College @ 8
Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin @ 9
- Ivory Capital when you're free
(Ivory Cap @ 9)
Santa Monica College @ 8
- Ivory Capital @ 10:30
and tomorrow -

9:24pm Thursday night, 30Mar06

Seems ma gives this treasure trove of trollop a look-see from time to time; sorry bout that ma.

Rode to school the other morning amidst a throng quattro of motor cops - it was a tad odd to roll along behind them, splitting the lanes as they did... it's all legal and stuff, but I felt vaguely like I was chasing an ambulance through traffic.

Got some of my writing published over at smc.corsair.edu - My Opinion Piece, Online Music piece, Small Business Center news

I'm enjoying the challenge of writing for the school paper, but it's a bit different than what I thought it would be. I suspect that if I had the time to commit myself 100% I'd find more interesting aspects to the experience - as it is, I'm stunned by the ... student-ness of it all. Not sure what I was expecting - too many years in the 'working' world so I walk in expecting everyone to do ... more? I don't know - it's the little things that I see, and the sensation that I get when I think I see solutions to problems that I - as someone who has just walked in - shouldn't be able to see.

and there ya go - just a tad bit of information... more to come shortly!


dona nobis pacem