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only Tuesday...

Monday wasn't the most productive.
Tuesday up and out 7'sh, school.
PoliSci1 - got my mid term back, did pretty well.
Newspaper - kinda hectic - had one story turned in, but still needed tweaking, and had a 2nd story to create. Got dragged to class since there was only a few peeps in the room.
Post-class got some writing in, but not enough.
Noon appointment with Dr. Cornealia - I hope everyone has a Cornealia in their lives...
Sadly, she uttered a single word prognosis - extraction.
{just some back story, headed to work on Saturday, and while enjoying an unhealthy breakfast, had a crown (the crown?) come off my root canaled tooth (lower left molar, number 17) - ugh followed by a lot of cursing - thankfully, no pain, just anxiety and discomfort. Got through work and made it through sunday at work, and monday I stayed home in solidarity with my immigrant brothers! Which gets us to Tuesday and a dentist visit...}
So, on Friday I'll have one more hole in my head - like I needed that!
Probably the only upside to this whole thing is that I'm back to a very good dentist - yay!

oh - so, why am I writing this at 2:30 on Wednesday morning? Cause the production of the newspaper is ... um... well, let's just say we're not trained professionals - so don't try this at home.
Got handed the title of Managing Editor tonight since the previous one didn't really get things done right. Yay scott - except where I now have extra fun stuff to do on a Saturday night now... just 3 more issues.... just 3 more issues...

Well, thought I'd throw up a bit of an update...
working on pushing pics from my first actual media day this past friday - went to cover the Rim of the World Rally - felt good to be welcomed as press. Not sure if I'll get anything published on it, but still felt good to start my journey of semi-legitamicy!

School and work have been the grind, with the joys of planning happening as the under current (under tow?) - slowly but surely we'll get there.



dona nobis pacem

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