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Tis quiet...
Boo slumbers beneath the twinkly lights in the living room. Blue is to my left on the sofa... Canela sprawled a bit on the floor.

Canela's got me worried. Both of us, really. She's not as spry as she used to be - guess she's not 11 anymore, eh?
She LOVES the thinly sliced deli meats, though. Almost lost a finger.

Boo and I did some marathon Scrubs session, then a Shark Week special on Tiger Sharks - Boo loves her some shark week!

She had a great time in NYC - never enough time on these trips it seems. She even headed outside on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, which for those who know her, means a lot. She also did fine on the ferry trip to the Statue of Liberty - again, that means a lot. She took some great pics - I'll have to figure out how to get her a snazzy cam so she feels enabled? compelled? to go shoot things; unlike my 1,000+ shots from my run to Upstate a few weeks ago (with a nice batch of good pics), she took just a few (150) - and nailed a good two dozen. Go Boo!!

I've added to my sig a reference to a British saying from WWII. Can't recall if I've blogged on my idea that America can do better. "Do Better, America" is the slogan that comes to mind, nicely tied into a TLA - DBA! I read the news feed that someone wants me to see, and I feel my blood boil thinking how BushCo bends us over, to the exceptionally limited responses we have (hey - in just a little over a year, we'll be able to 'vote the rascals out!' - but just how bad do you think it's gonna get in the 18 months before change is sworn in?). I think the one that got me today was the new piece on a federal health study that the Surgeon General was unable to release due to politics.

Funny how I thought honorable men were leading out country. Sometimes I think my fantasy world would be a nice place to visit.

Ok. Enough of the down; here's some up - I'm sitting here with my wife and my pups in our house - in our home. That makes me happy. It makes me thankful for all the twists and turns that I took to get here. It makes me look forward - not sure where we'll go, but at least my eyes are on the horizon.

Pleasant dreams.


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"