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Well, it's just one season.

"It's hot. I'm done with it. Can we move on to the pleasant weather?" my boo asks.

Of course, we were just at the Beach, and she liked it there. Oh, I think I made that set 'Friends and Family', so get yourself a Flickr account, and ping me to make you a friend. or family!

well. as often happens, the above lines were written with the best intentions of post-age. Oops.

So, as I sit in the living room, CSI:Miami on the tube, the pups hoping to get more nibbles, I'll say this -

ok. now it's Saturday evening... heading over to get a nibble soon with Brendan and Raymond. Boo and I gave a hand over at the secret project, and whoa - labor under the sun for friends is awesome, and made me remember the times and joy I had helping Declan at the Waving Goodbye set build. Weee.... ugh... ow.

it's not murderously hot today, and that's been such a pleasant change. made being outside good. Met a few new peeps - yay!

Ok. Gonna go and finish getting ready to run out... just the littlest of notes to say "hey - still here - still doing lots and lots..."


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
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