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It's early for me...

but when you've actually got a business to run, well - you fret all night and decide to get up at a reasonable hour, that's all.

Mel and I did the dance that creates a business yesterday in the Durham City building - a bit of Planning Dept. forms for Home Occupation, then a swing through the Business Permits office (very nice lady there!) and here we are - Nerd Fury, LLC, privileged to do business in Durhamtown!

Rose at Wachovia helped get us a business checking account, and soon we'll have our very own miniature desk-style business check starter set, with Old English font and a black binder color!! Whooooo Hooooo!!!! Oh yeah - they like us - they really really like us!

Shari rang yesterday to share that she's Escaped into a small Ford SUV, and that both she and David rolled out to Naz with Justin. 'Cause his Saturn didn't carry all his stuff. Huh... I mock because I kid, really.

Seems like this weekend will be filled with all sorts of goodness - Carrie and Nate-dogg in from the Left Coast, MickeyMatt rollin in from considerably closer. Now, if Cozy Bear can only fix my AirCon, well, it'll be a party, I tell ya!

My head is made of rocks, Boo's a sensitive gal who has a bout of poison Ivy making her ankle all sad, Viv's backyard reveal went wonderfully (all I need to do is get the video onto Youtube), and as we roll into the last week of the 8th month of Durhamite-mania, things are good. Perhaps Myrna's like a big old good-luck talisman, you know - like the TikiGod idol Peter picked up in Hawaii!!!

a little update - please continue to visit my Flickr page for pics of things happening/happened. Get yourself an account and ask to be my friend/family - there's some pics the public can't see...



dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
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