TTocs (ttocsland) wrote,

here's a Wednesday 2 am wow writing sample...

05Sep01 + 1:37am = Wednesday

So, Justin's off to school. September has begun with a vengeance. A new T.A.W.S. went out, and Chris Bailey did NOT succumb to the Amigo Exhaust! Yippee...
How was YOUR Labor Day Holiday?

Guess I should make the obligatory note regarding the origin of said holiday - something about small children working 80 hours a week in dangerous factories. Apparently people had enough, and thus a labor movement sprung up to keep the business owners from exploiting the masses.

Any chance of us doing the same against the government? Ha ha ha... at least Justin still gets to be a rebel.

Ok. Short "ello" - thinking of putting up an "Open Fist" section on my site, and needed to link to it. Thus this entry. I'll get the Labor Day pics up toot sweet!
Tags: t.a.w.s.(&a!)
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