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so many miles left to go...

looked down at my odo tonight, on my way up from Redondo and hanging with Terry. 145,000 miles on my Amigo. Whoa...

Good thoughts today - got out of the house, got T-dog's laptop to connect wirelessly at his place (surprised will never cease), didn't get a bike or camping gear like I wanted, but did pick up a few books - 2% solution, matthew miller, per Blood's recommendation; Bob Dylan - Chronicles, just cause; Against all enemies - Richard Clarke, since his interviews with Jon Stewart was compelling. T-dog lent me his copy of Thunder Run, by David Zucchino - all of them I'm sure will be good reads.

Think I need to write more.

Think I'll try to push a couple of car related posts... cause there's a good deal of new and exciting releases hitting the roads near you... and it should be easy to put together some words.

Oh, NaNoWriMo is happening, if only I were contributing to my cause!

so. late in the evening, I type and have to go to bed now.

fight the good fight - it is still worth it, I believe. Just so damn hard to turn my personal sense of hopelessness into a viable action strategy. Happy I'm feeling better than I thought I would, and so glad alicia's gonna fight too!

peace, mi amigos.

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