TTocs (ttocsland) wrote,

An afternoon post this time...

2:10 PM + 07Mar04 = Sunday afternoon...

Some have asked for updates. I've tried to comply. and as I sit here thinking "whoa - just a week ago, eh?" - the Oscars has this steamroller effect on my life - can't say i'm complaining, but really - wasn't it just January? ha ha ha

Comfort Inn pimps themselves with a Johnny Cash Tune. Milky way has a Ramones tune, I think. advertising is the devil.

TiVo, on the other hand, is a tool of all that is right and mighty!!! Alicia and I have been overdosing on television shows WE want to watch - not necessarily what's on at the moment we sit down to watch. it's really a great way to waste time.

So once again it is march. the house is trashed, I want to move/buy a new place so we have more space for the puppies and our stuff. Work is once again a concern for scotty, while alicia seems nicely multitasked. It's 83 degrees today, while a week or so ago, it was more like 53 degrees.

The RNC wants to stop having advertisements denouncing the Bushian REgieme. Kerry is gonna try and topple George.

Huh - how come I care at the deepest part of my soul, but don't really care up at skin level? probably cause Carol spoke to me about the 'raucus cacus' she attended - it just seems that the american political style is devoid of logic or intelligence. It's a game - and it's rigged. Shoulda been my career choice, though probably not a fulfilling one.

With my past ringing me up or running into me on the street, so it seems, I've had a moment or three where I pondered what the hell I have done. I think I've negated the good things I've done...
Tags: t.a.w.s.(&a!)
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