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It's sunny, a light covering of fluffy snow melts under the mid-day sun...
Ma's at her place, sounding great. she's going with white socks for the day, and having made that choice, will now nap a bit.
Blood's doing well - hopes to get coffee & culture taken care of today - yay!!
We hit Babe's - "On Gennessee St, Utica" for dinner last night - tasty! JD gets a bit of celebratory cheer in advance for his big day tomorrow.
JD and Dave have the big debate going on, as Canoe get's his cumuppence as Constantine - cute angel, that gabriel.
Watched SiCKO last night ...
Hear Kimya's visit to Chaz's and schoolkids yesterday was AWESOME!!!

And so January runs its course.


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"