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The sun is pushing in, through the clouds, past the rain...

to make today a great day.

I'm back from the road - when was the last time I was here? Hmmm... it's the first of February - just 52 eventful weeks ago I made my way to Hobbit House and retrieved the keys.
Wow. One year in our house, one year in our home. We painted a room. We're gonna make this place rock.
"Can't rain all the time" says Boo.

My mom made it through her latest surgical adventure quite remarkably - alert, happy, looking good, feeling better. Made Blood and I's visit easier, but more challenging, if that makes any sense.
Us Wallace's are trouble-fixers - let us make things better. Tough to do when you sail through a visit to the hospital as well as mom did. No complaints on that. We just needed a bigger puzzle to solve, that's all.

Mom has cancer. Cancer of the bladder.
Here's what the latest pathology report said: It was cancer with a superficial invasion of the bladder wall (NOT the muscle) -- so he is talking to Dr. B(Utica) and wants to start the BCG infusion (once a week for 6 weeks) ASAP!!!

This is from October 31'st of last year: The CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis was clean!! Saw the bone scan report last eve -- it is clean!!
She started this path last fall; October was a couple of uncomfortable procedures, along with a surgery which got all the kids in town.

From a Dec med update from ma: Saw Dr. B (urologist) - the gist of my situation is as follows: the instillation treatment initially mentioned will probably not be a viable option (not that effective); the last biopsy he took was the same type of cancer as the original tumor - not too fast growing but probably best treated by chemo &/or radiation. I will be having a consult with a Dr. P in Albany (urological oncologist) under whom Dr. B studied. This will probably be set up in January. If I choose chemo/radiation it would be done here at Fax. after the consult with Dr. Pi. The other (I think kind of extreme option) would be to remove the bladder and have a pouch - don't think I want that!

So, over the last 4 months it's been a bit crazy. Glad ma's doing well. Really glad it's what it is, and not what it could have been. We'll all sleep better I'm sure.

Getting organized for a hell of a February, and though I have to get to the writing thing a lot more than I have been, I'll share with you what my dear sister Blood has put together, cause she's attuned to cool things. And she shares!

From Blood's recent note:
Anyhoo, I thought I'd start an email to you while flying (I'm taking a break from reading about education policy so as to stay awake) and maybe a short list of titles, etc that I'm always talking about.

The Up Series: we discussed this in great detail already (Seven Up is my favorite, and the others are interesting taken all together - space them out, I think, for best viewing).
Tom Dowd - The Story of Music: you must see this, it is an amazing story of a man to whom we are all indebted.  Nuclear physicist turned sound engineer.  Invented the slide mixer.  Recorded Layla.
The Thin Blue Line: documentary about the death penalty - essential viewing.  (Dr. Death is another crazy doc. about the guy who invented the electric chair; this would make a good double feature if you can stomach it)
My Brothers Keeper: another doc. about those brothers from upstate NY - we talked about this one in the car 
Heartworn Highways & Be Here to Love Me: both music docs, the first about the music scene in TX in the 70's and features footage of very young singer/songwriters (Steve Earle, Guy Clarke, Townes Van Zandt, Charlie Daniels, others); the second about the life and music of Townes Van Zandt.
Deadwood: I think I've said enough on this topic...just watch it!!
You Kill Me: I think that's the title. A great little flick, about a mobster hit guy who has to dry out in order to do his job properly - great characters and acting.
Festival Express: maybe you've seen this one.  It's a great concert/music doc (1970)
The Last Waltz: concert movie of The Band - filmed by Scorcese. It's great.
Rust Never Sleeps: Neil Young's tour/concert movie

While in upstate last week, Blood shared with me this:

ok - maybe a 'woops' isn't the worst thing...

take care of yourselves out there...


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"
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