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"I LOVE the internet..."

says boo after seeing this:
"igloo of books"
Here's a quick pick from akame's flickr:

So, things that make me have hope:

  • Cool things found on the 'net, including the bookcase/bed above

  • Cody Diablo got her respect on by getting both Independent Spirit and Oscar for Juno

  • That Kimya got hugged by Dustin!

  • That I have such good friends

  • That I have such great family

  • That I am loved

  • That our friends are getting on and making it thru - see ya guys soon!!!

  • That we had another jack toy for Blue - she loves to make them squeak, she does!

  • That Boo and I love to watch Good Eats together

  • That Good Eats is stoking my confidence in the kitchen arena

  • That my pancakes came out tasty today.

All sorts of things, all sorts of hope.


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

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