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List of small accomplishments!
  • Lights in the bathroom - better now.

  • Light for Boo's side of the bed - better now.

  • Extra secure toilet seat - better now.

  • Nathan's FedEx - better now.

  • Something for someone too - better now.

  • Snoopy over my shoulder to help me write - better now.

  • Chipping away at realizing that 32 degrees on it's way to a high of 42 is just kinda cold - better now.

Also, in case you were bored - Behold greatness :

Angry Typing - typing with authori-tay!


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

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thank you SO much for the k1... got it to our accountant this afternoon and we are on our way to owing the IRS a huge chunk o' money ;)

YAY for getting so much done!!!!!!! Snoopy helps with everything!

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